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100 Instagram Followers
$3.99 / £3.03
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (1-2)
200 Instagram Followers
$4.99 / £3.79
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (1-3)
300 Instagram Followers
$5.99 / £4.53
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (1-3)
500 Instagram Followers
$7.99 / £6.05
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (2-3)
1000 Instagram Followers
$15.99 / £12.09
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (2-5)
2000 Instagram Followers
$27.99 / £21.19
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (3-7)
5000 Instagram Followers
$57.99 / £43.90
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (3-9)
10000 Instagram Followers
$109.99 / £83.29
  • Instant Start 0-7H
  • Real & Active Users
  • Non-Drop
  • Сheap & Fast Service
  • Organic Delivery (5-12)

What Do We Mean By Auto Instagram Followers?

If you have ever wondered about Instagram auto followers, there’s no time like the present to learn about them. When you purchase some auto IG friends, it can mean a real boost for your social media engagement numbers on this platform.

An IG auto follower is:

  • A service that adds to your sub count gradually
  • A way for your channel to appear more legit as you try to gain prominence and notoriety
  • An inexpensive method for promotion that many business entities use
  • An accepted practice that’s both safe and smart

Setting up an automatic subscriber package is something that many individuals and companies do when they want to expand their popularity on IG.

What Would the Difference Be Between an Automatic Follower and a Regular One?

Auto Follower

  • This is a fan that is assigned to you and that you purchase
  • through a service
  • You can gain these types of subs very quickly
  • You have to pay a service fee for them to follow you
  • Since you’re paying for them, you don’t have to work to attract them

Regular Fans

  • These fans come to you organically
  • It often takes quite a bit of time for them to come to you
  • You don’t have to pay for them to follow your Instagram account
  • You have to appeal to them so they’ll want to engage with you

Why Does It Make Sense to Hire IG Auto Fans? Who Is It That Most Often Does That?

When you get cheap, active IG auto followers, it can be highly beneficial for you. It makes sense to do so for the following reasons:

  • If you don’t have very many subs, then people won’t want to engage with you. Buying some non-drop fans is a way to let other potential fans know that your account is popular.
  • When your numbers go up, people will want to check out your other social media accounts and website.
  • This is an inexpensive way to spread your company’s influence.

If you’re starting on IG and you want to get noticed fast, then you’re an ideal candidate for this type of service. If you’ve been on there for a while, but your numbers are stagnant, you should really also consider buying.

How Can You Purchase Some Automatic Instagram Followers?

It is quite easy to add some instant engagement. Just follow these simple directions, and you’re on your way.

  • Start by selecting what number of auto IG fans you want that don’t unfollow.
  • Next, give us your IG channel.
  • We’ll require a credit card so you can pay for the order.
  • We’ll need an email address to confirm.
  • That’s all you need to do. Within 24 hours, we will start to send you your new subs.

If you get a larger bulk order, then it might take a few days or even a couple of weeks. That’s how you can safely add to your totals.

Where Should You Go to Get Auto Followers on Instagram? Why is the Superior Choice for this Type of Package?

You have already located the best option for an online increase in paid subs. EasyAutoFollow are experts in giving you the genuine, high-quality boost you need to be relevant within your niche.

That is because other services might rush your order and get the IG algorithm suspicious. The follow count we give you comes at a gradual pace, which is the preferred method that won’t get you flagged or banned.

Also, with other companies, you run the risk of the subs you buy dropping off quickly. There are no drops when you buy from us.

Is It Safe to Purchase Automatic Friends for Instagram This Way?

It is completely safe to buy from We only use real accounts when we fulfill your orders. That is the commitment to quality you get on this site that other companies cannot match. We are experts at growing your numbers using Instagram best practices.

The auto followers that we give you are not only 100% real, but you can also divide them between different posts if you like. This way, your channel will appear highly popular, and you’re likely to attract an organic following over time.


What Payment Methods Does the Site Accept at This Time?

The website accepts several payment methods, including Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. You can feel completely safe giving us your credit card info since we have top-of-the-line security measures on our website that no hacker will be able to bypass. You also need no password to order from us.

Is Buying Fake IG Followers Possible Through the Website?

It is not possible to get a fake follower count when you order from us. The targeted subs that you get with us are automatic, but that’s not the same as them being fake. These are still real users, they’re just not coming to you organically. It’s important to recognize that distinction.

Can You Guarantee That the Users I Get Will Not Drop from My Instagram Profile?

Since these are real and authentic users who are automatically assigned to follow you, then they can drop off after a certain amount of time has elapsed. As we mentioned, we do guarantee the number you ordered for thirty days. If you want to keep going without losing subs, then try to garner some organic friends during that time.

What Are the Delivery Terms for This Type of Package?

Once you put in an order with, you’ll start to see the auto following you bought trickle in over the next 24 hours. We can’t give you bigger orders instantly because that would get the IG algorithm suspicious. Expect your order over a few days or as long as a couple of weeks if you got one of the biggest ones we offer.

When I Get One of These Packages, Will They Then Unfollow Me at Some Point In the Future?

We guarantee that the followers you buy will stay with you for at least thirty days. During that time, if any of them unfollow, then you can let us know about it, and we will replace them. You should also see some organic subs start to come your way if you buy this type of service.

Is There Some Way for Instagram to Know When I Buy Friends?

There is no method for IG to figure out whether you bought fans from us or whether those fans came to you organically. That is because we add them slowly but steadily, using the slow-drip method. Also, we only use real subs, so there’s no difference between them and anyone who starts following you on their own.

With My Order, Do I Need to Give You My Username and Password?

No, we do not need your username and password to start giving you the fans you wanted. For business purposes, you want these followers, but you should still keep your personal account info to yourself. You will still get the benefits of a package without having to reveal your private account details.

What Country Can I Be In to Get This Service?

You can order one of our popular packages if you live in many different countries. For instance, you can live in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, and other countries as well. We love giving you more IG fans regardless of what country you live in. We’re an international business entity that caters to users all over the globe.

Is Buying Auto Followers for Instagram This Way Illegal?

No, it is not illegal or unethical to purchase some auto subs this way. This method is sure to work, and you won’t get in trouble with either the law or the platform. When you pay for subs through this site, you’re doing something that many prominent companies do. It is an accepted practice that’s part of most marketing campaigns.

How Can I Be Sure That I Am Getting the Cheapest Deal on My Package?

We know that you want more Instagram fans for the cheapest possible prices. The price we can give you is the best because we shop around and give you better rates than our competitors. You can check out some of the other websites, but you’ll always find that we give you the lower cost and the best customer service as well.

What Can I Do to Gain More Organic Followers on the IG Platform?

The optimal way for you to get this process started is to get some auto friends from us. That shows other IG users that yours is a popular channel. Apart from that, you need to create original, compelling content. To gain the most organic fans, you should create content within your niche that sets you apart from your competitors for all the right reasons.

Can I Get Banned from the IG Platform if I Buy Auto Instagram Engagement?

You don’t have to worry about getting banned if you buy from That’s because we know how to use the platform’s best practices to deliver your order. Even though you’re paying for subs, and they’re assigned to you automatically, they’re still real. We’re not using bots, which some other companies do.

Who Are the Auto Fans that I Get, and Where Are They Located?

When you get a delivery from us, those are auto fans located all over the world. It’s exciting to think that you’ll now have IG followers from many different nations. IG is a worldwide phenomenon, and people use it in dozens of countries. With just the click of a button, many of those enthusiastic Instagram users can be your friends.

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